Main education activities will be seminars with theoretic and practice parts, meetings, in information activities, study visits, know how transfer, internships, good practice exchange and joint strategy development.

The main activities are divided in five groups according to subjects and final results.

The first grup (activity 2) “Training sessions for improvement of working skills”.  will contribute to the professional education of the persons in the target group, as they follow the specific areas of the textile and garment industry.  The activities are correlated with the technological flow in textile field and the requirements of the specialists from industry.

The second group “”Training measures for added-value thinking (activity 3)  is very important in the context of the deployment of the product design in textile industry from the European countries to Romania and the Swiss expertise in this field is very important.

“Training sessions for improvement of management skills” (activity 4) is dedicated to the formation of the persons of the target groups for management positions

Activity 5 “Improvement of teaching skills” will allow the Swiss partner will introduce the lectors of  FTPMI in modern teaching methods and state of the art equipments.