The Eastern part of Romania has slowly developed after Revolution in 1989. A large proportion of the female population is working in the textile and garment industry. For the young generation, especially women it is still difficult to benefit from the rapid technological development. Mass production has gone to Asia for very poor salaries. Europe needs to focus on premium products with high added value in order to remain competitive on the world markets. There is a huge demand for skilled workers and well educated specialists for middle and top management in the factories. Expats from western European countries must be replaced by local management to give Romanian people opportunity to stay in their home country and to enhance their life quality. Target groups will be represented by 150 young people employees in textile and garments factories in South-Eastern Romania, but also such with many years of working experience, 8 teachers and 15 students from ”Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi.

Focus will be on female participants who traditionally work in this branch and are interested in these technologies. Main strategy is to give and upgrade knowledge up to date and modern technologies to people who have the potential to be developed to management positions. Focsani, as the geographical centre of Eastern Romania should become a centre of high developed and competitive textile and garment industry. Main education activities will be seminars with theoretic and practice parts, meetings, in information activities, study visits, know how transfer, internships, good practice exchange and joint strategy development.

 Project partners will be Swiss Textile College in Zurich STF which educates with experience lectors, newest machines and up to date equipment and the Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Textile, Leather & Industrial Management which provides the Textile and Garment industry in Romania with young graduates and Alumni Association of the Textile & Leather Faculty of Iasi with experience in events organizing and has an up to date data base of the potential participants of the target groups.